From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English blank blank 1 / bl??k / ??0 S3 adjective 1 NONE/NOTHING without any writing, print. or recorded sound Leave the last page blank. a blank cassette > see thesaurus at empty Two EXPRESSION ON somebody’S FACE a blank face or look shows no emotion. understanding. or interest > blankly […]

The purpose of a case explore is to walk the reader through a situation where a problem is introduced, background information provided and a description of the solution given, along with how it was derived. A case investigate can be written to encourage the reader to come up with his or her own solution or […]

Back when my kids were indeed little, they used to ask me to make them ABC’s worksheets so that they could practice writing their letters. I guess back at the age of 3-5, kids are just so thirsty for skill that even self-imposed homework is joy to them! (If only they were so enthusiastic about […]

Heart failure or the heart muscle’s inability to pump blood efficiently affects approximately 37 million people worldwide. Almost half of the patients diagnosed with heart failure die within five years of the diagnosis. While there is slew of research on heart failure and its treatments, a promising fresh examine may contribute significantly to heart muscle […]

Matias Piipari is the CEO and co-founder of the recently launched Manuscripts, an app that helps researchers write and lightly navigate and structure elaborate research papers. Matias is also the CTO of Papers, the makers of a reference manager instrument popular among researchers (founded by Alexander Griekspoor, the other co-founder of Manuscripts). After a PhD […]

Also, towards the end all references used are cited in the reference list or bibliography with total publication details including authors name, date of publication. page and paragraph number, location of publication with name of publication house. Many more information like name f exact publication is also included in a pre-decided format termed as styles […]