News Top stories Which is better for college, An iPad or MacBook Air? You’re going to college. That means thick lists of all the crap you need to embark school of right. Not just books, furniture, clothing, mini-beer refrigerators, and all that junk, but also backpacks and very likely some tech gear to get you […]

By Julie PetersenOnline Learning Tips, Guest Contributor Essay writing abilities are significant for successful careers in all professions. Whether you determine to be a marketing experienced, manager, journalist, petite business proprietor, teacher, or an engineer, you will always benefit from the capability to express yourself through well-structured content. Communication in today’s business world is based […]

The thing is, I know very little about writing novels. Sure, I’ve read hundreds of novels and tons of blog posts, articles, and books about how to write them. But I’ve never written one. What I have written a lot of are English papers. (I get points for sticking to “write what you know,” don’t […]

A critical analysis (sometimes called a critique, critical summary, or book review) is a systematic analysis of an idea, text, or chunk of literature that discusses its validity and evaluates its worth. A critical analysis usually includes a summary–a concise restatement of what a text says–and an evaluation–how well it says it. A critical analysis […]

Posted on May 17, 2014 During my very first year at K, I’ve written a ton of papers. I would guess inbetween 20 and 30 total, ranging in length. That might be due to my intense concentrate on the humanities (history and religion departments indeed like papers), but it’s also part of the college practice. […]

Journal editors play a formative role in academic publishing. Apart from being the link inbetween authors and peer reviewers, they form an indivisible part of the publication process from acceptance of a manuscript for peer review to its publishing. Therefore, editors are at times also described as “kingmakers” since they can make or break scholarly […]