Do you make your own paper?

The Two handmade papers I use in my journals are professionally handmade to my specifications by paper making experts. I could make neither the quality nor quantity of paper I request. I have tested many papers over the years and found two that best meet my needs. They are enormously durable because they are made out of recycled fabrics and are not only acid-free but bleed-free as well. The black papers and the bamboo papers are not handmade.

Are your papers archival?

Yes! All of the papers that I use in my journals and photo albums are archival because they are acid-free. They are acid-free because they contain no wood pulp. Many commercial papers are made out of ground up trees and therefore contain unstable molecules. These molecules rupture over time and leak acids, which can erode inks and cause the paper to tarnish or yellow. Since I want my books to be long-lasting heirlooms (and because I love trees) I use archival papers that contain no wood pulp.

Do I need a special pen to write on handmade papers? Do the handmade papers you use in your books bleed?

You can use any kind of pen or ink you like to write on my papers. I only use papers that I have tested to be bleed-free. Even a fountain pen, calligraphy pen, or quill pen will write with a nice, crisp line on my papers. You may use any kind of ballpoint or felt-tip pen in my books as well. Of course, I suggest using a waterproof, fade-proof ink for the maximum preservation of your work. I very recommend the Uni-Ball Vision Fine Peak or the Uni-Ball Vision Elite (the choice for those flying in planes…these won’t explode and leak all over you in flight!!) pens available in any office supply store. Everybody has their dearest pen and my books are made to treat them all!

Where do you get your leather?

Leather is sort of a touchy subject for a lot of people, and I understand that…so I have chosen to use only surplus leathers. I select oil-tanned hides of the highest quality from a diversity of sources that discard any hide that is «imperfect» due to scars, scrapes, brands, stretch-marks…anything that they would have to work their big machinery around. Typically, the hides come from boot makers, handbag manufacturers, belt makers, etc. I take these hides and do my best to incorporate those «range marks» …and most of my customers appreciate the uniqueness that this lends to each book. Of course, there are only a few lumps out of each hide that have these markings, and some books will end up pretty pristine. I tend to gravitate toward the ones with imperfections, they have character…doesn’t that make things a lot more interesting!?

Do I need to treat my book with any kind of leather conditioner?

Nope. All these books need is a lot of use….I typically tell people to kick ‘em around and manhandle them as much as possible if they want them to look indeed delicious. The books will naturally develop a gorgeous patina over time if they are treated on a regular basis. So, please don’t let them just sit on a shelf…take them on an venture! That’s what they are made for!

Are your books made to be refillable? Do you make book covers?

All of my book products are based on a traditional Italian design in which the pages are stitched directly to the cover. Because of this durable construction, my books will outlive us all! They are built to remain as heirlooms for the next generations to admire and are therefore not refillable. I specialize in my off the hook line of books and do not produce covers or similar items.

Is the «handmade cotton watercolor paper» just for painting or can I write on it too? Which is better for writing, the cotton paper or the hemp paper?

All of my papers are identically excellent for writing with pens. Both handmade papers have slick surfaces with just a slight, satisfying «tooth». The bamboo paper is not handmade and therefor is the smoothest of them all. All are acid-free and bleed-free. It is simply a matter of individual preference. Some folks choose the bright white surface of the 100% cotton watercolor or the bamboo…while others love the more rustic, natural look of the hemp paper. And those writing/drawing with pencils will indeed love the bamboo papers….it is lighter to get a crisp line with the smoother surface of the bamboo. I personally love them all!!

What is your Shipping Policy?

I ship everything USPS Priority Mail unless the customer requests otherwise. And turnaround once the order is placed ranges from 1-14 days depending on the custom-made nature and/or quantity of books in the order. Most books are made custom-made by arm once the order is placed.

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