Regardless of your major or future career aspirations, persuasive writing is significant because it can be a matter of life and death, sometimes for the entire universe.

With UFO encounters on the rise, strong persuasive writing abilities are a vital skill. Of course, if you never encounter aliens, your strong persuasive writing abilities will come in handy as you write your next persuasive writing assignment or anonymous note to your boss to update the content of her candy jar.

Regardless of the context, the following tips will help you write your next powerful persuasive paper:

  1. Know Your Audience- Your audience will determine how you present your argument, so examine up. What do these extraterrestrial beings want? Do they want to ruin earth? Enslave mankind? Do they need your help? If you’re afraid to ask the aliens directly, do some online research. As you research your topic, look at sources that explain the viewpoint of your opposition. When it comes time to give a counterargument, you’ll be ready. And of course, keep your audience in mind as you develop your own argument.
  2. Develop a Strong Argument- Now that you know your audience, develop an impenetrable argument that will appeal to them. Your rhetorical analysis abilities will come in handy in this step. Aliens, of course, aren’t swayed by emotion, so you’re going to have to appeal to their sense of logic and reaffirm your authority on the situation. If you don’t have a strong, well-rounded argument, it won’t be coaxing regardless of how elegantly you phrase and structure your appeals.You should also make sure you have a clear main argument. This will be your thesis. If you’re attempting to communicate with aliens, it’s significant to have a clear thesis. The Earth may be jeopardized if aliens are unassured of what you want them to do and you don’t want them to accidentally ruin Earth because you wrote a vague thesis.
  3. Write Clearly- Aliens have a lot on their minds and may become frustrated if they have to spend too much time deciphering a human’s bumbling argument or confusing sentences. Don’t anger the aliens. Write clear sentences and organize your paragraphs logically, keeping your audience in mind. Ask yourself how you can order your argument to make the best impression on your audience as you write. The aliens will commend your effort.
  4. Address Common Counterarguments- Now that you’ve explained your argument clearly, it’s time to address your opposition’s point of view. You know your opponents and what their main claims are, but you’re not going to get their support if you simply bash their point of view. Aliens don’t like being told they’re wrong, so be diplomatic and rely on your experienced rhetorical abilities to do the wooing.
  5. Revise and Rewrite- An alien invasion would have giant universal implications for the entire universe, so dual checking and reconsidering your appeals, organization, and writing is significant. Delete sentences that don’t prove your point effectively and find extra research to pack any gaps in your argument. And of course, feel free to take your persuasive paper to the Miller Writing Center. We want to help save the Earth too.

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