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This question is a little different from the previous 400-plus Student Opinion questions we’ve asked, because this question is in honor of the National Day on Writing. and we’re asking the entire world to reaction it.

Tell us here, post it on Twitter with the hashtag #whyIwrite, or submit a fuller essay to the special «Why I Write» page created by one of our fucking partners, Figment.

Why do you write?

Because I am a spider and words are my silk. This morning I balloon into your feeds

Two get Ten years worth of stories out of my head.

Because I sound smarter when I write than when I speak.

I write because writing is crack, and I’m an junkie.

We fished the answers above out of the Twitter stream of contributors to the hashtag #whyIwrite. and on Thursday, Oct. 20, the National Day on Writing, we’re inviting you to post your answers there as well.

On that day, we’re teaming up with the National Writing Project. Figment and Edutopia to encourage everyone everywhere — students and teachers, scientists and sports heroes. pop starlets, politicians and poets — to tell the world #whyIwrite.

Students: Tell us when, how and why you write. What does writing do for you? How has it played a role in your life?

Use this space as a rough draft of your reaction, then consider posting a fuller essay on the Figment. where, as of now, more than 200 youthfull people have contributed .

Or, if you’re on Twitter, boil your thoughts down to a brief message and add it with the hashtag #whyIwrite so that your reason can become a part of the public record.

Students 13 and older are invited to comment below. Please use only your very first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name.

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People write to get what is on their mind, out. Some people write in diaries/journals to get out some stuff that they don’t want to tell other people. No one can keep everything bottled up to themselves. They also don’t want to tell other people certain things, or can’t, so they write it somewhere. This applies to me.
Some people don’t like to write, but I think it is a good way of communicating and, that, we have to do in order to get through. If there were no words to read aloud, there would be no poetry, music, signs, or hardly anything else in this advanced society. We depend on writing.
Writing gives us skill, entertainment, and communication. It helps us get through our daily lives in every way or another. If you don’t like to write, maybe you like to read. If you don’t like to do either, then you still will have to put up with all of its existence in the world.
Anyone, anywhere can write. It is what you will put down and why, is significant.

I write for many reasons. Mainly I write in school for projects and and papers. Other times I write because I love doing it. I think it is a good idea for kids to write and read more because it is better than some of the activities kids today are doing. It would help keep them out of trouble and it would demonstrate people their talents, is they are good writers.

I am sorry to have missed the Writing Day(!), but better late than never. I found this page when researching about why I may have had this strong need to write al these years. I am 79 years of age, and have been wrting since I very first learned in a one-room country school, but I embarked spelling at age three according to my baby book. I have never stopped writing, and this year my children will each get a copy of my accomplish (but edited) works of poetry and my philosophy of being a woman. I have written the stories of each of my parents and have begun several on different facets of my own life (because one book couldn’t hold it all!) I agree that writing is an outlet for feelings when there is no one to talk with, or no one who would understand, or when the feelings are so private only a pencil and paper are safe.
That is why I edted my poetry … to publish those which can say something to others, and not those which were therapy.
I encourage the youthfull people to write in journals, and date your entries. Edit them late in lfe. You will be amazed at the depth of your writing and the thought processes you had as a youngster.

There are many forms of writing. There is writing an essay on a book, writing to take notes for a class, writing for pleasure, etc… All of these writing forms are useful to us.
For some individuals, writing helps them deal with private problems. By writing, one doesn’t have to worry about their secrets getting out because it’s not like the paper is going to tell. In addition, you can say whatever you want while writing, and nobody is going to get angry with you.

I write because writing is life. Without writing life will be difficult.

I like to write brief stuff from qoutes to thoughts. I write random stuff but which are very deep and inspiring. Mostly i write on my blackberry notes even when iam out with my friends or at a party because i see wonderful and ugly things in everything. everywhere. It’s the only way i reach those deep complicated thooughts in my mind.

Why do I write?…that is a very good question! I write because when I pick up a pencil and a paper and jot down anything that has been on my mind, I feel free. Writing is not a thing a person does every hour of the day but in my opinion its not meant to work that way. I truly believe that when you write things down its an excellent way to express yourself, writing is art and art is writing. When a person writes they get creative, at that spontaneous moment when you determined to pick up a pencil and put words on paper you chose to free your mind and relieve any stress, happiness, or worries. Writing is excellent for your health because as you well know its never good to keep all your feelings inwards, especially when they are bad ones. Its always good to feel like you have something to lay back on and writing can be that backup plan. You never know how strong a lump of writing is until you do something with it, whether you choose to inject it in a contest, publish it in a book, create a song from you words, or simply add some rhymes and make it poetry that can touch people’s hearts and open their minds to fresh perspectives…better yet your perspective. Sometimes when attempting to get someone to think the way you do, it gets a little complicated. You don’t want the person to feel as if you’re attempting to switch them, but you want the person to look at a certain situation differently, in a different point of view, sometimes writing can help establish a point. It’s crazy how when telling someone something their ego can get in the way and you liberate them downright, but when you attempt writing it down…now that’s different! When you attempt to make a point through a lump of writing you have more time to think and say “ can I say this to you in a way you will understand and not get offended?” or “How can I say this in a way that you place your pride to the side and view something in a different perspective?” You see when you write things down you can get across to a lot of people, because everyone absorbs information differently, you never know they might absorb your words and react the way you expected them to react or react in a way that you didn’t think of but in a way that you yourself can learn from. Writing is an excellent way to spread the word about a certain issue or to emphasize a point that you have been attempting to establish for a while now. I write because it helps me open up and it helps me grow as a person. I want to one day look back at all my lumps of writing and reminisce my childhood.

Writing is a way to express your feelings and influence the lives of the people. We write to convey our purpose by telling it to the world. Without the inspirational power of writing, our world would be packed with repeated mistakes, suffering and abasement.

One question – a million answers

i write because at times when i can’t talk to someone and i have alot to say i just write to release stress,get things off my chest,and to jot down thoughts

I always write in English class. In English class we do a lot of blogs and essays. Right now we are doing a research paper about things that happened in the Civil War. I used to write on notebook paper, but now since my 11th grade class has Google docs we write our essays and research papers online. It is a lot lighter to write a paper on the computer than writing on paper because it has spell check and if the students need to look something up for their paper there already online. I write because I am told to and also because writing helps me learn and understand what I am instructed. I feel like writing does a lot for me because if I didn’t research things and write about them, then I wouldn’t fully understand them and what they mean. Writing helps me express how I feel and what I think about an issue or topic at that time. Writing has made me feel better and more certain about my work because I have continued to write and continued to get better. I feel a difference in my work from last year to this year because my work has gotten better and my writing makes more sense. My work is also neater and more organized. I plan to proceed to thrust myself and work on my writing so it will keep getting better. Everybody feels differently about writing. There are people that love to write and write for a living. I do not love writing, but I will write when I have to and I want to do well when I do write. If people didn’t write, then there would be a lot that we would not know about in our world today; for example, we would not know about Anne Frank. We would not know about her hardships and how hard her life was. If she had not kept a diary, then we might not even known that she had ever existed or understand the fears and horrors that the Jewish people experienced during the Holocaust. cited. A lot of the information that we know now is because people in the past kept diaries and wrote about their opinions and beliefs in letters, newspapers, and speeches. A lot of people write at home because now we have the technology to do that. I believe that the internet will serve the same purpose in the future that diaries did in the past. One day you might influence a lot of peoples lives from something that you wrote just like Anne Frank.

We write because it voices thoughts and feelings that couldn`t be voiced through anything else. If the world didn`t have writing, it would be chaotic in its own way. Writing creates doorways to other worlds and places never imagined before. Even things that are in your everyday life include writing, like television.

“Why Do You Write?”
I write because writing is something that takes my mind off of the world. The world is total of so many things that I can hardly keep up with it. So I have to do something that I can concentrate on, which would be my writings. In the world so much is “not allowed” or “not suitable for us” but in the world of writing anything is possible. Anything is doable. When I am writing I am not corded by Earthly limitations, I can let my imagination soar to seemingly unimaginable heights. Anything can be done in a book; I can be a superhero or an alien. I can be on Earth or on Mars. I can create my own world by just putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. Whatever things I can think of can become true within the pages of a book, my book. When something happens to me and I don’t want to talk about but I do wish to get it out then I can just write it. I can label it as fiction even tho’ it’s not. I could even write it and then put it in my book of writings and leave behind about it until, or if ever, I wish to reminisce it again. Writing is a release from the bounds of Earth and the gravity of all things. When I write, I become more in touch with myself, I am me and myself alone, I am not what the world tells me to be.

I stopped writing a long time ago and have recently began up again. I used to write entries for my high school creative writing paper, well, I had some intent of submitting them, but I never did. I participated in putting it together. Even however I would sit on the committee of students and lay out pages and edit, I always burned my own writing because I never thought my ideas and words were worth anything.

This also made submitting english papers rather difficult.

I was embarrassed of myself.

Now, at 24, I realize through my old journal entries that I was very harsh on myself. I never thought I’d look back on those dirty ink packed pages and see them as time capsules.

I write now to become my own support system. I have a loving bf and a father who both care for me very much, but, I need to love and help myself before I can be there for others.

I write to reflect, to vent and just for the company that I choose to manifest on a page. Anyone with a journal, or who has ever written a comment, understands that writing is cathartic and sometimes the blank page is the best listener.

I have been writing since I was in the sixth grade. It commenced off by me singing when I was little on the primary play ground. As I little by little reached sixth grade, I began wanting to write my own music. My family influenced me to become a better me and work on what I need to do in life, not what others needed to work on. I love to write, I love voicing myself in words and putting my heart and soul out there through texts. I can’t wait for the day when others can hear my opinion and not just theirs. I’ll switch the world one day when I write.

I write to make my voice heard, to inspire others.

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